Sunday, March 3, 2013

Now appearing at ToaTS

My writing is now appearing at multiple places on the Web. In addition to my ravings rantings writings appearing here, I now have a piece about steampunk at Hendybadger's site, Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher. (The link takes you straight to my article.)

Ian suffered a computer meltdown a little while ago, and he lost some of the pieces he had set up for future publication. He put out a general call for articles to fill the resulting void, and I responded with the above-mentioned piece.

It's about why I love the genre for gaming (and in other media), and it runs through many of the 28mm figures in current release or on their way, replete with photos and links and praises and descriptions, oh my!

I want to thank Ian for both publishing the piece and for his tireless efforts to spread knowledge about this hobby we all love. In the interest of full disclosure, and especially for those who are mutual friends of ours on Facebook, I must confess that I am the Official Stalker™ of his wife, the lovely Galley Wench. That I am able to do so from a continent away is testament to both my dedication and Coleen's sheer force of personality.

(And yes, this is what I mentioned the other day that I knew was coming but didn't want to jinx before it actually appeared on the Interwebz, for those of you keeping score.)

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