Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wide is the path and broad is the way

Like others, I received my Hell Dorado kickstarter package the other day. I knew from Cipher's frequent updates that it would be arriving soon, but as they didn't send out tracking or individual notices that packages had shipped, it actually slipped in unannounced. So it was quite pleasant to receive it when I checked my post office box Thursday. (I also got my recent Crooked Dice order, but more on that later.)

This is the hardcover expansion volume for Hell Dorado, Inferno.
 Very good writing, but the typos will make your head spin. Also, as Cipher Studios chose to ship in an envelope, I ended up with that healthy ding you see in the bottom edge of the cover.

I wasn't able to go in very large on the Hell Dorado pledge, as so many other worthwhile projects were soaking up my hobby budget. I got the Marbas package: the new Inferno expansion rulebook, the Inferno character cards, signed art lithograph (the size of a post card, but a beautiful rendition of the Inferno cover art) and the kickstarter-exclusive model of Anne Hale. I also plumped for the mini of Sun Wu Kung, the Monkey King. He's one of my favorite literary characters, and I really liked the concept art behind this rendition of him.

The character deck for Inferno.

Signed litho of Inferno cover art. Small, but perfectly formed.

The Anne Hale mini and card. I apologize for the poor quality of the photo.
I was balancing all this on a piece of black felt on my lap when the cat attacked.

Sun Wu Kung, the Monkey King! I've always loved "Journey to the West"
and I really like this incarnation of him.

From Crooked Dice I received my order I placed with some of my Christmas cash I. I got Tweedy 2, Miss Temple, Belle, the Traveling Tweedy heads, and the set of Time Lost Investigators. In addition, Karl and Graeme saw fit to include a couple of freebies, a Captain Jim Barrowight and a sprue of Federated Security carbines. Now would be a good time for anyone interested to place an order with them, as they've got 25 percent off all non-new release minis until the end of January with the code JAN25OFF.

Miss Temple, a noble woman if ever there was one, Tweedy Madison complete with glasses
(and a certain sound-related device behind his back) and Belle, Tweedy's latest energetic sidekick.

Here we have the Time Lost Investigators, including Eliza, the Victorian Samurai (with human or reptile head), Genevieve, her martial maid, and their mutated manservant Sachs, who can be assembled with either furry face or spud-like noggin.

Group Captian Jim Barrowight is overexposed (oooh, matron!) along with the
traveling Tweedy heads (Stetson, Fez and beard), along with the Federated carbines.

OK, so those are my latest pieces of ill-gotten booty, or ill-booten gotty for that matter. Back to the boards, my friends, and I'll see you all across the table soon!


  1. Thats a good haul. Nice to see you got sme freebies!

  2. I've been toying with the idea of ordering the Time Lost investigators since Crooked Dice released them. I'd be interested to hear your opinion of them. Good to hear that you got some extras.

    1. They've been at the top of my "The next minis I need to order are ..." list for a long time. I'll let you know how assembly goes once I sit down and focus on them.

  3. Replies
    1. I am definitely spoiled for choice right now. Plus I have an order from Heresy that Andy has already shipped and should be here soon. Sharclons, baby!

  4. Thanks for the slight nod to the fluff. Not sure about the typos, but I did one section, so if anything slipped past the editors that they didn't find in my section, I apologize. I actually had to redo the plot I had outlined, as I included individual model fluff into my storyline and had to redo it. Let us know what you think once you delve into the book!

    1. Hi Robert! The fluff is the main reason I ordered this book -- I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and knew this one would be just as great a read. It's a little unfair for me to complain about typos -- I've been a professional copy editor for two decades and those things leap out at me like burning coals. Many other readers probably won't even notice. But, for example, the gate to hell from earth opened in Magdeburg -- in nearly every other reference early on (I've only read up through the Westerners so far) the place is misspelled as Madgeburg. Most people might not care, but typos like that batter my eye. Sorry!

  5. Ha ha ha. No worries. I did some proofing (just readability, not copy editing) for the first English release and definitely missed some things. It's tough. You have to have a good eye for those types of things.