Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome aboard to some worthy seadogs

It's Welcoming Wednesday, and I'm delighted to have so many new people to welcome as official followers of the blog.

First up is the dreaded Roebeast himself, about whom I have written several times. Brian S. Roe of R Squared Studios and "Zombie Plague" fame maintains his own blog at Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine. If you've never had the pleasure of dealing with Brian, let me say he is a champ, a rockstar, and a gentleman of the first order.

Next up is greywolf, who is the force behind Greywolf's Last Valley. I must say I love the tagline under the title on this blog: "A place where werewolves frolic with scantily dressed women, amongst other things." Now blogger tells me that greywolf also had two other blogs, The Cyber Carboot Sale and Childe Roland's Dark Tower, but they seem not to have been updated in a while. At least that's better than my other blog that shows up on my blogger profile, the one I plan to use for my eventual modern zombie tale, Heading back to Moab, which has never even had a single entry!

And we round out today's welcomes with Paul Smith. Paul is the force behind Endtransmission's Gaming Blog. Welcome, good sir, Glad to have you aboard!

So it's grog all around and the last one drunk spends the night with the captain's daughter. Then it's back to the boards, folks, and I'll see you across the table!