Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue unboxing (pic heavy)

I was surprised today by the delivery of the box for Season 3 of Zombicide, called Rue Morgue.

The rulebook includes 14 new scenarios.

Cool Mini or Not had announced last week that delivery of the game had exceeded their warehouse capacity, so American backers of the game who confirmed by the deadline would receive their copies ahead of the expected fulfillment date in February. The remaining new expansion, Angry Neighbors, and the stretch goals and specialty figures remain on target for February delivery.

Rue Morgue is designed as a standalone game, but it can also be combined with the earlier sets for the game: Zombicide, Prison Outbreak and Toxic City Mall. Set months after the initial outbreak, Rue Morgue has players running teams of survivors who are more hardened, more ruthless than their predecessors.

The 12 new survivors for Rue Morgue gat more skilled the more zombies they kill.

And, as we know, when supplies get scarce, it's the other survivors who pose the greatest danger.

Opponents in this release include the new skinner zombies, who continue to fight as Crawlers once they've been cut in half.

Content includes:

12 Survivors: Louise, Maddie, Travis, Parker, Terry, Dan, Jane, Cathy, Joe, Laurie, James and Bear.
40 Skinner Walkers
8 Skinner Fatties
16 Skinner Runners
15 Crawlers
1 A-bomb Abomination
9 double-sided game tiles
12 Survivor ID cards
8 dice
12 experience trackers
11 tent cards
155 mini cards
9 Team Action cards
92 tokens

Let's take a look at the zombies.

And the tiles.

You'll notice there's one tile image missing. My eyes went swimmy trying to figure out which one I missed. So one will have to be a surprise for you!

Tent cards, front and back:

Dice and experience trackers:

I really like that the pips are bullets.

Character ID cards:

Mini cards for zombie actions and Team Action cards:

Dual-sided tokens:

This edition has the same consistently excellent artwork and sculpts we've come to expect from Guillotine. It's really the materials here that are the star. I swear you could build a strong house out of these tiles! And the plastic used for these minis is among my favorites. Certainly easier to deal with than Mantic's restic.

Hope you enjoyed the look at the contents of this early release. Back to the boards, everyone, and I'll see you across the table soon.


  1. I am green with envy, Chris! What a lovely bonus for you getting this set so early. I am SO looking forward to receiving my copy next year as I love everything about Zombicide. Thanks for posting.

    1. Glad to give you a sneak peek into what's heading your way soon, Bryan!

  2. Lucky, lucky you, I goes that I will have to wait until February for mine.

  3. Superb posting. Must have taken you ages to pull it together and post it. Very much appreciated. Much to Vampifan's horror no doubt, I don't own nor ever played Zombicide, but this huge delivery has certainly made me think about getting into it for next year :-)

    1. There's so much in here. And there's so much still coming. Angry Neighbors, VIP zombies, a dice tower, Lost Zombivors. Whew!

  4. I passed on this KS because I really haven't had a chance to explore the base game, Toxic City Mall and Prison Outbreak. I'm sure my gamer addiction will make me pick this up when I see it retail. Thanks for sharing...enjoy your early goodies!

    1. Thank you, I shall. It's a game that addresses most of the tropes of the zombie genre, and the Kickstarter exclusive figures of popular characters really drew me in.

  5. So Xmas has come early at Chez Sheets, I too am one of the few that don't have zombicide though it's obviously a very popular game.
    Great un-boxing post btw, you can almost feel your excitement as you reveal layer upon layer of goodies

    1. Thank you, Zabadak. Coming from you, the compliment means a lot!