Monday, December 15, 2014

Banner day in the Sheets household

My Black Friday order from Wyrd arrived on Thursday, and the goodies are VERY good!

In addition, I received the few items I ordered from that amazing sale Fantasy Flight was running a week or so ago. I bought some things I've wanted for a long time, and I got them for ridiculously low prices.

Forgive the terrible photos. These aren't even crappy iPhone pics. These are crappy tablet pics. Won't make that mistake again.

Let's take a look:

My Malifaux haul:

Alternate Perdita

The Carver

Nightmare Tara crew in smoky translucent plastic.

Fist edition metal model of Seamus, Avatar of Dread. (Because all Victorian-era gamers need a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Mr. Hyde.)

The free Katanaka sniper for my order level. The pic of the sprue was too bad to use, even with the bar set this low.

The free Bayou Gremlin for my order level.

From Fantasy Flight:

Sweetheart from Descent

Axis Hero Pack for Dust Tactics

Operation Seeloewe for Dust Tactics. This was my big score. I really wanted Markus, the Blutkreuz ape character, but I couldn't see paying $40US for the set just to get one figure. But during FF's sale, it was just $9! And it comes with four pieces of scatter terrain (two tank traps, two ammo crates) and six terrain tiles.

I am a very happy camper. I promise better photos once I start slapping on the paint. I'm so eager to get the Carver done that I can hardly wait for my days off.

Back to the boards, everyone, and I'll see you across the table soon.


  1. You did well - from $40 to $9 ! the savings there must have nearly paid for all the other items.
    You're right about the photos too (I have a similar naff cameraman), they'll no doubt look great when unpacked and assembled.

    1. Yes, the savings were phenomenal. That Axis Heroes box is normally $20. I got it for $4, and the Descent mini is normally $15. I got it for $3. So yeah, 80 percent off. Makes the expenditure on the Malifaux items easier to take!