Thursday, August 28, 2014

The migration has begun.

Hi everybody. Just a quick post to let you know that I've updated my other blog, Brass and Blood. I've put two of the short fiction pieces that appeared here on "Dispatches from the Rim" over there. Rather than embed them in the posts, I've put links to each piece as a Google doc and as a pdf. Others will follow shortly, then I turn my efforts toward additional original content.

Don't worry, "Dispatches" will continue in its present form, with reviews, unboxings, discussions, and all the other meanderings you're accustomed to from me. It's just that character descriptions, worldbuilding pieces, and fiction for my Brass and Blood steampunk/Gothic horror setting will now be over there, gathered under one convenient roof, as it were.

I'm also filling out the Dramatis Personae page as characters are mentioned, and the links will become live as I add the description documents.

Each addition over there will be announced over here, in case you want to keep only one blog in your blogroll.

Thanks for your patience!

Back to the boards, everybody, and I'll see you across the table soon.

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  1. Thanks Christopher that clears things up I'll have to keep both.