Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Welcome aboard as I crunch the numbers

We welcome to our merry band of miscreants Ana Polanscak, author of the blogs Carrion & Hodgepodge and Gardens of Hecate. Carrion & Hodgepodge is an excellent Malifaux blog. Gardens of Hecate brings to life the monstrosities of medieval metaphysics through excellent conversion work. Just the exemplary artwork is worth the price of admission.

Ana is, as far as I now, also our first follower in Croatia. So again I say, welcome aboard!

I want you all to know the radio silence here has been because I have been hunched over books and staring at screens as I crunch numbers to bring to life the figures I have only brought you in prose so far. The stats are almost ready for the Army of the Abandoned and Miss Rossum and her Retinue. I will also shortly introduce you to the experimental engineers of Stronginthearm Industrial Machinery and Armaments, my company for the Victorian Scrunts that Bob Olley is releasing in February.


  1. Thanks for the warm welcome Christopher! I'm looking forward to seeing your upcoming creations.