Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Welcome aboard!

We've got some new crewmates this week.

Up first is Michael Awdry, author of the very fine blog 28mm Victorian Warfare. Given that subject matter, you know I'm a big fan.

Next is Mr. Marx of Bloggity-blog-blog. Mr. Marx covers a variety of scales and subject matter, but there's a preponderance of VSF among his archives that make it worth a comb-through if you've never visited.

Kasper has been piped aboard. I know Kasper mostly from his Zombicide! blog, but that is far from his only port of call in the blogosphere. He also maintains the following: Skavenblight, World of Tanks and Planes and  Warmaster, as well as two non-wargaming hobby blogs, The Fishtank, and GeocachingDanes.

Grigork has also come aboard. Grigork writes the blog The Megalomaniac (Mwahaha). You've got to love a blog that comes with its own sound effect in the title. It's an especially great blog for those of us who aren't in the UK and want to see what's going on at all the great wargaming shows.

Thanks again, everyone. I've got a lot more slated for this week, as soon as I can clear some other things off my plate.

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