Sunday, May 10, 2015

Guess what I got?

The last thing I need is a new game to get into but ...

when I heard that Wayland was going to have a few copies of the special Joker edition of Knight Model's Batman Miniatures Game rulebook on their stand at Salute, I decided I just had to have one.

I'd passed when they were up for pre-order, most likely because I was overcommitted to kickstarters at the point (who am I kidding, always).

It didn't help that I used to have a T-shirt with the design from the cover. Here's my copy:

Given that I live in the States, retrieving this from Salute would've been terribly difficult without the amazing assistance of my Facebook friend and fellow member of the Tabletop Skirmishers group Andrew Bussey. Thanks again, Andrew, for being such a superb ninja shopper!

I haven't sat down with it in great detail yet, but let me say this is perhaps the most beautiful gaming rulebook I own. (Note: I haven't bought any of the recent wave of slip-covered, gold-foil bedecked rulebooks or codices from anybody. If I'm scared to put it on the table, I don't want it.) The full-page photography and full color throughout make this a pleasure to read. It's a sturdy hardback, too, and I think its price is totally justified.

I also received the limited Red Hood figure, which neither of us expected, but neither of us was going to complain. Here he is:

So I've returned to the Arkham City Limits Facebook group (I'd joined early on but left as I wasn't really doing anything with Batman.) If you're on FB and interested in the Batman Miniature Game, or any supers gaming, really, you need to check it out. It is among the most friendly, resourceful, knowledgeable groups I've had the pleasure of taking part in. It's right up there with A Wyrd Place and the aforementioned Tabletop Skirmishers for quality membership.

I was really going to try and pick and choose very carefully from Knight's releases for this game and only purchase figures of characters I really love -- Harley (Arkham version), Killer Croc (because alligator, obviously), Swamp Thing and Victor Szazs (because asylum lunatics -- I get them for every system I can find). But now I think I'm going to have to get all the Gotham Sirens, some of the various versions of the Joker, and I want to track down the Alfred Pennyworth that came with the Batman cover of the rulebook.

I saw in the new releases they're putting out Joker's Daughter in her New 52 incarnation. Here she is:

But I much prefer the previous version where she was all steampunky and known as Duela Dent. (The new one is Duela, but they haven't revealed her last name, I don't believe.) She's become pretty famous because of the cosplay meme involving someone slagging off the cosplayer and everyone else shouting that person down for not knowing what they were talking about.

But here she is from the comics:

And here's that cosplay meme:

Now, if they'd make a miniature of that version of her, I'd buy them by the truckload. OK, not really, but I'd buy several, most likely. As it stands, it shouldn't be too hard to find one of the many female steampunk figures out now and do a conversion, or maybe just a paint job would be enough, depending on the figure.

Suggestions for figures for Duela Dent's steamy goodness, anyone?

While you think about that, I've got to head home.

Back to the boards, everyone, and I'll see you across the table soon.


  1. Itsa great group isn't it. I've not got the book yet and have a few penguin miniatures. The game seems good though from what i've read and I have a mate who plays it so jobs a good un :) As for Cosplay It bugs me that people have to be jerks about it and stuff like what happened with that meme makes me chuckle.

    1. Indeed. I love seeing fuckwits getting their comeuppance. And the group is truly stellar.

  2. Trying hard not to not to be tempted by this! I'm not even much of a Batman fan (Hellboy and Walking Dead are more my thing) but the game and minis look very cool!

    1. The book, if you get to look through it, is a joy to behold. If you're wavering, maybe you shouldn't -- it'll pull you in for sure.

  3. Sadly bought into this in a big way at Salute, Chris, as I wanted the Red Hood limited edition figure... and I certainly don't need another super-hero range. But many of the minis are extremely dynamic (if a little hard to put together). Swamp Thing is a cracking model which I'm sure you'll love :-)

    1. Well, hard to put together I can deal with. What's trying my patience are the current plastics for some games that have tiny, tiny pieces (koff koff MALIFAUX) that I'm forever dropping and having to search for. Now I understand why so many modelers have adopted the muttered oath "By Yan-lo's beard!"