Monday, March 9, 2015

Testing, testing ...

... is this thing on?

I looked up, and suddenly we were into the third month of the new year and I had sent no dispatches!

Dreadful. I am going to give myself a stern talking to when I do my annual performance review.

But it does not mean I have been idle. I know I see most of you on Facebook from time to time, and I am readily available there. I am also on Lead Adventure Forum, though less frequently, and I do have a digital presence on Google+, as well as Twitter and Instagram, though I hardly use those.

As I blow the dust out of the microphones and adjust the EEG probes built into the back of my chair, while I make sure the flux capacitor is wired into both the oscillation overthruster and the vortex manipulator and, most importantly, as I step up the reactor power input THREE ... MORE ... TIMES!!!

Here are some demotivators I had a hand in. Not all are original with me, although several are. Some are reconstructions or improvements of ones I found when trawling the web. My editorial impulses make me go in and fix grammatical mistakes before I'll put them in rotation as my desktop backgrounds.

Picture-heavy nonsense after the jump.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm sometimes quiet because I have nothing to say, but other times I just haven't noticed the time whizzing by as I get caught up in other things.

  2. Welcome back, Chris. I loved all of your posters but especially Maxim 37.

    1. Thank you, Bryan. That is from the great webcomic "Schlock Mercenary." I need to do a poster for Maxim 1: "Pillage, then burn."