Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ahoy, we've got new followers aboard

After months of going along with a steady state of affairs, we suddenly have a burst of growth. That this happens in a month when I've been singularly inactive, does this mean people like it more when I say NOTHING? Really? Well, forget it! I'm gonna speak my mind ... what I have left of it, anyway.

Janice and Pirate Percy aboard the Laughingstock
from "Candle Cove," as interpreted by Ominous-Artist on deviantart

There are three new followers here, so I want to introduce everyone around. Here they are, in a random order:

  • Herbert West, author of the Critical Failure blog, is a former gaming industry professional who is now a teacher. His blog began back in September and already seems to be going great guns. Give this fellow fan of Victorian SF a look and a follow, if you please.
  • Malifaux Ve is also a new follower here. I'm a friend of Malifaux Ve on Facebook and a follower on Twitter. There's a shortage of information on the person actually running the account, so it may be several users sharing moderator duties, I don't know, but MalifauxVe is all over social media. I believe the person handling (at least some of) the accounts is an (or the) official Malifaux Henchman for Venezuela. All I can say is I first starting looking at the painted models on his/their Twitter feed and was way impressed. Always nice looking stuff there.
  • Gingerbhoy is our third new addition. Gingerbhoy appears to have had a couple of blogs but the links on his blogger profile are dead now. If there's a new link, let me know in the comments please!

(Regarding the above choice of illustration: Yes, I'm a creepypasta fan, and I think Kris Straub's "Candle Cove" is the greatest creepypasta ever written. And yes, I know, if there's any pirate ship you'd NOT want to be press-ganged onto, it would be the Laughingstock.)

So, this is a big con week with Blizzcon just wrapping up for the videogamers and Fall In taking place for the tabletop wargamers, and innumerable others also going on. Like 'Mater in Disney's "Cars," I'd give my left two lugnuts to be at a convention instead of working this weekend. So all of you attending cons, have fun, take plenty of pictures, and I expect a full report when you get back. If you want to hook a brother up with some swag, I won't say no.

I've got more planned for the coming week, none of which involves explaining my complete failure to produce anything for Zomtober. I'm batting a perfect .000 over two years now. Feel the cool breeze of Failvember. Yup. And then right into pine-scented Decembust.

In the pipeline I've got a look at some recent acquisitions: more Patrick Keith shinies from Bombshell, a couple of gorgeous ladies from Hasslefree and some Cephalyx creepiness I snagged.

Today my copy of Ravage Issue 15 (English edition) came in, so I plan to do something I've never done before: an item-by-item review of the contents of a magazine.

That's it for now. Back to the boards, everyone, and I'll see you across the table soon.


  1. Thanks for the plug, Chris. That Warmachine Mercenary looks like a blast to paint. I might have to pick one up to go with my Cryx.

    1. I hate spiders but he's just so damn cool. Glad to give you the shout-out and glad to have you aboard.

  2. It's always good to hear from you, looking forward to this new enthusiasm.

    1. Thank you, Zabadak. I hate it when real life gets in the way of my hobbies!