Saturday, January 19, 2013

An in-boxing then, not an un-boxing

I promised an unboxing for "Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster," but there are so many of them out there right now I don't want to burden the Interwebz with another one that won't really add anything to the conversation. But there are some issues I can address.

First of all, packaging: This thing is huge!

And deep, too. This isn't a game to put on your bookshelf. It's a game to make a bookshelf out of. I may use the box this came in to add a room on to our apartment. It's big. B-I-G.

My meaty hand rests on the giant game box.
This is how thick the box is. Alternate use --
keep your trailer level.

Those of you who are members of the Miniature Addicts Anonymous on Facebook have already heard me talk about this, but I had a surge of disappointment because my Biohazard set of extras did not include the special edition resin Lt. Kara. I did, however, get two of the Mike McVey signed print of the cover art.

This is the Studio McVey painted version of the special edition
Lt. Kara from the Kickstarter website.

My second piece of signed art. I offered to send it back,
but CMON told me I could keep it. Hmmm, eBay maybe?

Now I'm nothing if not a whiny, entitled, overprivileged manchild, and that kind of mispack can just suck the joy out of a much-anticipated delivery. Two quick emails, one to Cool Mini or Not and one a message through the Kickstarter system itself, outlined my problem to them.

I seriously did not expect an immediate response, given that they're in the early days of shipping out the game. CMON's customer service sent an automatic reply acknowledging my issue, and I swear before I finished READING that email, I had a personal response from Ginger at CMON. She promised they'd ship it out as soon as possible, most likely the next day, and send me a tracking number. This was midafternoon on Tuesday, the 15th. On Thursday I got an email with the tracking number from Ginger, saying it had been sent out the previous day, AND I got a message through Kickstarter wanting to make sure CMON customer service was handling the issue to my satisfaction.

Here's the extra-special version of Lt. Kara herself, what Mike called in the Kickstarter
Updates "Tech-comm Lt. Kara Black." They've done special rules for her, in a pdf.
 Hard-card to follow in later release, I believe. Download her stats at alt-Kara stats

The package arrived Friday morning, less than 48 hours after I'd reported the issue. (It helps that I only live a few hours from CMON Central, I suppose.) But they were exemplary in fixing a problem that was, to me, serious. I told them Ginger deserves a raise.

CMON has always done right by me. This is the third Kickstarter they've been involved in that I've supported, and I'm sure it won't be the last.


  1. Cool but was the B-I-G Box half full or half empty?

    1. Or just twice the size it needs to be? I dunno, man, maybe once the models are assembled they'll need all tht extra space.