Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thought experiment

Greetings, my beloved. 

The long hibernation is over and I emerge from cryo-sleep rested and refreshed and ready to talk hobby matters with you, my faithful brothers and sisters. 

I posted the following in the Miniatures Addicts Anonymous group on Facebook, but I believe it deserves a wider audience as well. 

It's about something I seldom mention in these pages: Warhammer 40K. 

Warhammer 40K has its legions of fans, and Forge World is feeding the hunger for 30K models to refight the Horus Heresy. 

Has anyone, fluffwise, ever thought about what Warhammer 50K might look like? What new races might emerge (or old ones re-emerge)? How might existing armies change? Would it still be grimdark, or would a new tone prevail? 

The things one ponders in the dreaming deeps of winter.